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About us

Bridgetech Medihealth India Private Limited The platform allows doctor appointments and diagnostic lab test booking services across India through a rich network of healthcare service providers. Being associated with top-notch hospitals across the country, we offer end-to-end healthcare solutions to the users under one roof for unmatched convenience. We are marching towards every city and town in India to bring them up in our network for greater access to quality healthcare for everyone. Bridgetech Medihealth with a vision to cover every single entity of quality healthcare under one umbrella, is soon stepping into healthcare e-commerce, online doctor consultations, wellness and home healthcare services to give a wholesome experience to the users. We have strengthened our leadership in India and fortified our promise of “Your Health our Priority” We are now strengthening our global focus by consolidating and deepening our presence in the key markets of India.
Your Health Our Priority
Your Health Our Priority with Bridgetech Medihealth. Your Favorite Online Healthcare Platform.

We Bring Your Health Our Priority Bridgetech Medihealth is India's leading health platform, where you can buy medicines online with discount. We also facilitate lab tests at home. You can avail over 2,000 tests and get tested by 100+ top and verified labs at the best prices. Customer centricity is the core of our values. Our team of highly trained phlebotomists looks into each order to give you a fulfilling experience. We’ve made healthcare accessible to millions by giving them quality care at affordable prices. Presence in more than 2500 Locations in India
CEO & Founder (2020)
Mr Abhishek.
Chairman (2020)
Mr Birendra Prasad.
CMO & Co Founder (2020)
Ms Komal.
CTO & Co Founder (2020)
Mr Bhupender.
Registered Office
Bridgetech Medihealth India Private Limited. 107, ITL Twin Tower, Neta ji Subhas Palace Delhi 110034
Our Responsibilities
Ensure our day-to-day business activities are consistent with Our Code
Focus on our Credo while we strive to achieve our business goals
Comply with all our policies, procedures, internal controls and applicable laws and regulations
Take informed and ethical decisions
When in doubt, consult!
Why Code of Conduct?
• To guide us in doing the right thing
• To sustain our ethical, fair and responsible behavior
• To reinforce our Bridgetech Medihealth
• To drive the culture of compliance
• To prevent reputational risks or damages arising from non-compliance
Who should follow Our Code of Conduct?
Associates (on-roll employees of all Bridgetech Medihealth entities), Board Members, contractors, consultants, trainees, service providers of our Company and our subsidiaries, affiliates, group companies and persons or entities contractually obligated across the globe.
The Independent Directors shall additionally carry out the duties as laid down by the applicable laws and regulations, including any amendments thereof.
Duties of Independent Founder
The independent directors shall Undertake appropriate induction and regularly update and refresh their skills, knowledge and familiarity with the Company;
Seek appropriate clarification or amplification of information and, where necessary, take and follow appropriate professional advice and opinion of outside experts at the expense of the Company;
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