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What are the benefits provided by Health Premier Plans?

The Health Saver Plan takes care of all preventive & pre-hospitalization healthcare needs, providing free or subsidized services across the following categories:

• Dentists

• Doctors of virtually all specializations

• Pathology labs

• Radiology labs

• Pharmacies (this offer is presently available in select cities only)

• Dial a Doctor – you can receive medical advice related to routine or minor illnesses instantly over the phone from a qualified medical practitioner.

Additional Features:

Second Opinion: If you would like a second opinion for critical diseases, Bridgetech Medihealth will help arrange this free of cost from expert doctors on the panel. This feature is available on select membership plans only

I have never heard of Health Premier Plans. Is it a new concept?

Health Premier Plans are a new concept in India, but otherwise Health Premier Plans are an internationally acclaimed concept, as old as 30 years in the developed nations, especially the United States of America and Europe, UK, where more than 40% of all patients in these countries are Health Plan members.

I already have health insurance. Why should I take a Health Premier Plan membership?

The Bridgetech Medihealth Health Premier Plan offers benefits that help take you save money on your day-to-day preventive and pre-hospitalization medical expenses. Insurance on the other hand typically covers you against serious illnesses when you are hospitalized. So, Health Premier Plans and Health Insurance are not competing products, but instead products that offer end-to-end benefits for all your health needs.

How do reviews work?

The Bridgetech Medihealth network covers virtually most doctor specializations, for example:

• General Physicians

• Pediatricians

• Orthopedics

• Gynecologists

• Cardiologist

• Dermatologist


• Neurologist

• Ophthalmologist

• Oncologist


On the dental side as well, all dental specializations are covered

How do I know that Bridgetech Medihealth doctors are of a good standard?

Only those doctors are added to the network who meet the rigorous empanelment criteria decided by Bridgetech Medihealth’s panel of medical experts. Some of the criterion that they need to meet is:

• Masters Degree

• Registered Doctors

• Minimum 5 years experience

Bridgetech Medihealth Certification on Clinic Hygiene Standards

Only if he/she has good practice or name that any of the above points may be overlooked. Therefore, you can rest assured that all doctors on the network are of high quality.

How do I obtain the list of doctors empanelled for this facility?

Bridgetech Medihealth has a very simple process to help you find the best doctors suitable for your requirement. Any time you require a doctor, please call up the Bridgetech Medihealth Helpline number mentioned on your card. Our Customer Service executives will be happy to guide you as per your requirement. Our list of empanelled doctors is constantly updated and increased, therefore this process ensures that the best possible doctor is referred to you. Bridgetech Medihealth empanels only very high standard doctors so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. I would be happy to share a few examples of the medial practitioners empanelled with us.

What is the validity of the Health Check vouchers? What will I do with so many Health Check vouchers ?

The validity of the Health Check vouchers is for one months. However, I would encourage you to use the vouchers as soon as possible, as these tests will help you get an accurate picture of your present health. Also, the Health Check vouchers are fully transferable and can be used by any person you wish to give them to, therefore they would never be wasted.

Why should I take a membership – I do not go to doctors.

You are very lucky that you have been keeping healthy so far. However, unfortunately we cannot assume that this will continue to be the case. This is like paying for an insurance premium – you hope that you do not have to use it, but if something does happen, it will make things easier for you. Also, you should not only wait for an illness to happen to use a Bridgetech Medihealth Health card – it can help take care of your preventive health check-ups etc at a lower cost.

I have never heard of Bridgetech Medihealth. Can you please tell me something about this company? How can I trust the company?

Bridgetech Medihealth is a medical accreditation company that certifies medical practitioners on the basis of strict criteria. Therefore, when you become a Health Premier Plan member, you can rest assured that all medical practitioners on the network are high quality. Bridgetech Medihealth is an organization formed for the cause of making high quality healthcare more affordable in India, & senior professionals have joined hands for this. Organizations like Indian Dental Association are our partners for the cause of promoting preventive healthcare in the country

Each time I go to a doctor do I need to call the helpline – why do you not provide the list of doctors? Or if I am regularly visiting one doc do I need to recheck each time with you?

Bridgetech Medihealth constantly reviews the quality of services being offered by empanelled doctors. In case Bridgetech Medihealth is not entirely satisfied with the feedback members are giving about a particular doctor, Bridgetech Medihealth may choose to remove the doctor from the network. Also, Bridgetech Medihealth constantly adds new doctors to the network based on understanding member needs. So, it is advisable for you to always call on our toll-free helpline – firstly, you can check that the doctor is still part of the network; also, you may find that a new doctor has been added who is more suitable for you.

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