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O What is Antibody testing?

When someone is infected with a Virus (or any other infectious agent), their body's immune system produces antibody to fight against the infection. Same goes with COVID-19 infection, which triggers our immune system to produce antibodies to fight against it. Now, these antibodies last in the body for several months to years. In line with this theory, detection of such antibodies gives you a clear picture of your current immune status.

I have never heard of Health Premier Plans. Is it a new concept?

Health Premier Plans are a new concept in India, but otherwise Health Premier Plans are an internationally acclaimed concept, as old as 30 years in the developed nations, especially the United States of America and Europe, UK, where more than 40% of all patients in these countries are Health Plan members.

O Is this test a replacement for RT-PCR test?

No, RT-PCR test is a confirmatory test for diagnosing infection. Antibody test is only used to check your immune status against the infection. The two are totally different.

O If test is positive, what does it mean?

It means that you must have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 sometime back with or without your knowledge and now your body has developed immunity against the infection and you are having antibodies. It gives a confidence that your body has power to face it.

O If test is negative what does it mean?

It means that you have not come in exposure to SARS-CoV-2 virus so far.

O What is the price of the test?

It is priced at Rs. 600. It includes home collections in major cities in India. Please contact us for bulk discounts if your employer or your housing society wants us to conduct in bulk.

O Does a positive result also mean that I may be infected now ?

If you are positive for antibody and if you are also not having symptoms, it may indicate that you had encountered it and you managed it well.
However, if you have symptoms related to COVID you must meet your doctor fora need of a PCR test.

O Which antibody you test, lgG or IgM or Total Antibody?

As of now, we do lgG since ICMR has focused on that. However ICMR also has approved Total Antibody kits, which are highly automated and there by eliminate manual errors that are involved in lgG ELISA. We allow the customer to choose in case he has knowledge, while default is lgG estimation.

O Can we get tested for both antibodies together in same sample ?

Of course. Thyrocare is offering COVID — GT profile, which tests both lgG and Total antibody individually and it is priced at Rs. 1000. In this, when both are positive, it is doubly sure that it is positive, and negative when both the tests are negative. However there are 2% chances where one is positive and the other is negative — that can be called as indeterminate and we advise to repeat for a month. The cost includes home collections in major cities in India.

Do we need doctor's prescription?

No. It can be self referred. Also no need for fasting. What we need is 2 ml blood. Please note, it is not a swab test.

O I have ILI symptoms but test result is showing negative — shall I get RT-PCR test done or not? If you have symptoms, you must consult your doctor for a need of a PCR test

O If I am diagnosed as COVID positive in RT-PCR test already — Can I do this test to check if I am negative or not? No. To understand whether infection has got cleared from your body, you will have to go for RT-PCR test only. Antibody test is only used to check your immune status against the infection.

O Is this recommended for Kids below 12 years as well? It can be done for children. But it is best to consult your pediatrician.

O Does it require any fasting or specific diet before sample is drawn? No fasting requirement. No specific diet recommendation.

O If result is positive — Does it guarantee the immunity against COVID-19 in future, if yes, till what duration? As long as you have high level of antibody in your body, you are immune to re-infection. Research is going on to understand how long the antibody levels persist in the body and what are the chances of secondary infection.

O What should be the next step if result is negative — Does that mean I am prone to infection? Does that mean I am prone to infection? It says you have not yet come in contact with SARS-CoV-2 virus. All general safety measures should be followed.

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