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Bridgetech Premier Medihealth Plan
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home healthcare
physio therapy

Our physiotherapists help manage pain, and facilitate recovery in the best way, with global techniques, latest technologies and proven protocols.

Orthopedics Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy
Geriatric Physiotherapy
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Our team of dedicated and highly experienced doctors provide effective and quality care in the comfort of the patient's own home.

General Health Checkup
COPD, Asthma Care
Post-Surgery Care
Diabetics / Hypertension Care
Oncological (Cancer) Care
Geriatric / Palliative / Hospice Care
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physio therapy
physio therapy

Our home-based respiratory care program addresses patients with a variety of conditions like.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Chronic Bronchitis
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Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) provide life-improving support and care for children and adults who have difficulty with communication, eating, drinking or swallowing.

Stroke Rehab
Pediatric Therapy
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physio therapy
physio therapy

Get complete health checkup and tests done from the convenience of your home. Schedule one-time or regular visit of the professionals for on-time quality service.

Basic Health Checkup
Master Health Plan
Basic Diabetes Plan
Advanced Diabetes Plan
Diabetes Plan - Extended
Healthy Heart Plan
Senior Citizen Plan for Male
Senior Citizen Plan for Female
Basic Health Checkup Plan for Woman
Advanced Health Checkup Plan for Woman
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Quick Services

Quick Care is your walk-in solution for (non-emergency) medical care, with no appointment necessary. Laboratory and X-Ray services are available on-site and the highly trained Quick Care professional team is ready to assess your condition

Quick Care will treat you in an efficient and timely manner!

Quality Treatment

High-quality treatment means that you will receive health services according to need at the right time and in the right place. High quality also means the services are provided smoothly and efficiently.

The quality of treatment, patient safety, equality and professionalism and competence of the personnel.

Professional Employee

A health professional may operate within all branches of health care, including medicine, surgery, dentistry, midwifery, pharmacy, psychology, nursing or allied health professions. A health professional may also be a public/community health expert working for the common good of the society.

Personalize Services

Personalized health care is our opportunity to diminish the spiraling costs of healthcare services by making the most of available budgets while improving the health of citizens and populations

As we learn more about the individual risk for disease and response to therapy, this information will allow the patient, to understand own treatment plan and gain confidence that the recommendations being offered are the right ones for you. We have a team taking care of your health — and you are a crucial part of it.

Trust Worthy

TRUST has always been a key issue in healthcare services and it is even more so in today's challenging world. Therefore, everyone with healthcare and homecare needs looks for a company they can trust - a partner who can best help meet their healthcare needs in the comfort and convenience of their own.

At Bridgetech Medihealth INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we work hard to match our quality healthcare and homecare services with our name. Our staff knows that trustworthiness is what we stand for and they make sure that we stay that way.

Our services include:
(a) Homecare
(b) Healthcare
(c) Medication
(d) Health checkups
Home care:-

We understand that finding a care home for your loved ones can be an overwhelming process. Our Broker service can take the pressure off your shoulders. We have a dedicated team of nurses that assess the clients need with you and aim to offer you the best solution to suit the needs of your loved ones.

We have a dedicated team of Care managers, nurses that are able to respond to emergency calls at any time. Just give us a call and someone would be with you as soon as possible.

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